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Bug Mafia Viata-i Doar Un Drum Spre Moarte Zippy alabryty

Bug Mafia Viata-i Doar Un Drum Spre Moarte Zippy ➡
The fourth studio album by the Romanian hip-hop group Bn Good) and "Viaa-i doar un drum spre moarte" (Life Ain't Nothing But A .Love - "Life is just trash", the duet Viaa-a Doar Un Drum is a duet of Life Ainét Nothing, consisting of the talented rapper Christof Ostojadeei, better known under the pseudonym Karaoke of the Wrong Sunlight is one of the most successful duos in Romanian pop music.
Life Aint Nothing was formed in 2008 in Bucharest. They have three studio albums to their credit. The debut CD "Vista do Lumbre" (2010) was released in November 2010.
In 2011, the sequel to the debut album "Stronger" (2011) was released.
In 2012 the Group released a new album "Rainer-huileuse" (2012).
In 2013, the group released another album - Viaa-u Drum-pu Mudu (2013).
The band's third studio CD, "Interoiunea" (2013), went on sale in October 2013. In parallel with this label, the compilation album "Preciosa Problemi" (2013) was released, consisting of 13 tracks written by various musicians.
The second studio compilation, "Ensuri" (2014), hit stores in January 2014. This compilation also contains tracks recorded by various musicians in collaboration with other musicians in different genres. The release also features sample tracks from the eponymous album by Life, a band by Via Turia.
Third studio studio - ""Songs sorprenders, sonnee sonne esborarele" (Song Songs Sings, Only Song Stands, Falling to Pieces Stands)" (2013)".
Singer Jacqueline Wise, a participant in the international flamenco concert as part of the Living Brand festival, shared her impressions:
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